Telecheck®: World leaders in Check Acceptance

Telecheck is the world's leader in electronic check acceptance services. With over 300,000 merchant account locations and billions of dollars in checks processed each year, businesses are jumping at the opportunity to provide this service to their customers. For such a small investment, adding check acceptance capabilities has too much profit potential to overlook. What's more, customers are showing that they trust in the Telecheck process.

The Telecheck Process
If you've always wished you could accept customer checks as easily and efficiently as accepting credit cards, now's the time. Businesses that tend to have recurring monthly fees and billing, like health and fitness clubs and publication subscription services are taking full advantage of Telecheck services.
Here's how it works:

  1. A customer presents a check
  2. You authorize it through a Telecheck Eclipse® or a First Data ® credit card machine
  3. A printed receipt is given for the customer to sign
  4. Telecheck settles the transaction through the customer's bank

Simple enough? Here's the best part: As a merchant, you can wave a cheerful goodbye to bounced checks and returned check fees. Telecheck takes full responsibility for any insufficient transactions. Accepting checks has never been so safe.

Consider Telecheck Services
Telecheck services let you turn a paper check into an electronic check in minutes, right at the point of sale. Our Telecheck merchants get continuous online support and we provide all the training your staff may need to learn the process.

Can you imagine the confusion of having to use different machines for different transactions? You'd need one for credit card transactions, one for debit card purchases and another for check payments. Our merchant equipment simplifies purchasing. The Eclipse Credit Card machine provides an easy to follow, painless process.

With the Eclipse you get:

User friendly touch screen with easy to follow prompts
A powerful modem for fast connection and authorization
Enough storage for 500 check transactions
Complete reporting and payment details

Accepting Online Checks
For merchant account holders who want to accept electronic checks we offer VirtualCheck. Like with credit card processing, in a short time, we can have your online business up and ready to accept payments by check. First Data ® Global has the complete secure payment gateway solution.

To learn more about Telecheck or any of our check acceptance solutions give us a call at 888-760-1700. We have over 200 customer service representatives ready to serve you.

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