Authorize.Net® Online Merchant Account Pricing Information Industry Standard Our Rates
Visa® & MasterCard® Discount Rate* 2.39%+ 2.39%
Transaction Fee .35¢ - .50¢ Each .25¢ Each Transaction Fee .10¢-.50¢ .10¢ Each
Monthly Payment Gateway $30-$50 $19.95
Monthly Customer Service Fee $12-$20 $10
Credit Restrictions Very Strict Many Approved!

*The fee schedule listed above is not meant to be all inclusive. Other fees may apply. The full fee schedule is included in the merchant application and agreement and can be reviewed prior to submitting the application and agreement. Call (888) 760-1700 to get setup. This pricing is for eCommerce & Internet Merchant Accounts only.

Help your business grow by accepting credit cards with our Internet merchant account and online payment gateway. With an Internet merchant account and online payment gateway you will be able to accept credit cards in two different ways. First, merchants can accept credit cards online directly from their Web site. Second, merchants will be able to accept credit cards though a virtual terminal. FDIS provides the Internet merchant account and provides the online payment gateway. First Data Independent Sales maintains one of the highest merchant approval rates in the industry.

  • Click the graphic above to apply for an Internet merchant account and gateway
  • Apply with confidence knowing your information is protected by VeriSign® data encryption security
  • Have a business check (so we know where to deposit your money)
  • Have your Federal Tax ID Number, Sole proprietors may use their Social Security Number
  • Have a Visa MasterCard American Express®, or Discover® Network card ready to pay the set up fee
  • Get an approved merchant account instantly!

IMPORTANT- will bill you for your monthly online payment gateway fee and for part of your transaction fees separately from your credit card processor.The pricing that shows at the end of this application is for your Internet merchant account only. will bill you for your monthly online payment gateway fee and for part of your transaction fees separately from First Data Independent Sales.

This Is What You Get

  • Browser based virtual terminal to accept credit cards anywhere with internet access
  • HTML scripts to put in your Web site to accept credit cards directly from your Web page
  • An online merchant account to accept credit cards online
  • online payment gateway access to obtain credit card processing approvals
  • Browser based control panel to manage your credit card processing transactions
  • 24/7 customer support for your online merchant account.
  • Customer support from 6 AM to 11 PM Pacific standard time for the payment gateway

Virtual Terminal offers a virtual terminal for merchants who are looking for a low cost way to process non face to face credit card processing transactions. All that is needed is Internet access with a web browser from any where in the world. Merchants can log into a secure Web site and accept credit cards by manually entering their customer's credit card processing information. A virtual terminal is an effective e commerce solution for merchants who receive mail and telephone orders.

A virtual terminal is great for small businesses because it lowers the cost related to accepting credit cards. Buying credit card machines sometimes can be costly or prohibitive to the merchant that is just getting started with a limited budget. With the virtual terminal a merchant can get set up to accept credit cards on a very reasonable investment.

Once a merchant obtains an merchant account they can log onto a secure Web site using their own user id and password. Merchants can then do virtually everything with their virtual terminal that merchants with a credit card machine can do. They can do sales, returns, view reports and many other credit card processing related activities.

To manually run a credit card processing transaction all a merchant has to do is enter their customer's credit card processing information into a form on their Web browser. This information is then encrypted and is sent to the servers. The credit card processing information is then sent to the card holder's bank for authorization. The authorization usually takes about three seconds and is sent back with an authorization number. After the transaction has been authorized the money is usually deposited into the merchant's bank account within two business days.

Accept Credit Cards On Your Web Site

With an payment gateway and merchant account, merchants can accept credit cards online from their Web site 24 hours a day. All the merchant has to do is enter some simple HTML scripts into their website and they will be able to accept credit cards in real time 24 hours a day.

When customer's click to submit their credit card processing transaction information the data is encrypted and sent to the server. then sends the encrypted credit card processing data to the card holder's bank for authorization. When the transaction is approved the money is normally deposited into the merchant's bank account within two business days.

Merchants can log into a password protected website to obtain merchant account information, merchant reports, and to run credit card processing transactions manually through a virtual terminal as well.

Accept Checks Online with

Merchants that add's payment solution will be able to accept and process electronic checks directly from their website and through their virtual terminal. is not included in the pricing for an payment gateway and merchant account. However, merchants may easily add this service.

Accepting checks online is as easy as accepting credit cards online. All merchants have to do is collect information from their customers check just like they do for their credit card. That information is then processed automatically if it was entered by the customer on the merchant's website. If it is obtained through the mail or over the telephone then the merchant just logs into their virtual terminal and enters the check information and runs it similar to a credit card processing transaction. When the transaction is settled, debits the customers checking account by way of the Automated Clearing House (ACH). The money is then deposited into the merchant's checking account. The eCheck.Net system notifies merchants of failed debit attempts, including "Not Sufficient Funds" returns.

This system is great for businesses that need the ability to do recurring billing. Subscription services, Internet service providers, membership companies, health clubs, and tanning salons are all businesses that can benefit from the ability to do recurring billing to their customers.

Merchants Should Consider Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

To compete in today's world merchants need to accept credit cards to give their customer's the payment options they are seeking. Many internet users pay for their goods and services with major credit cards. More consumers are paying for their purchases online every day. Consumers buy on impulse and fast online credit card processing keeps customers interested. Online, real time credit card processing transactions take less than ten seconds to process. Packaged applications such as our Internet merchant account and online payment gateway make it easier than ever to do business online. Because of our low merchant account pricing it increases profitability for merchants. Funding typically occurs within 48 hours and helps to improve merchant's cash flow. With an Internet merchant account merchants can sell both hard and soft goods.

Merchant Account Definitions

What is an online payment gateway? The online payment gateway is an Internet based system that allows a merchant to obtain authorization and draft capture services from the authorization network. Online payment gateways are Internet connections that reside on or near the Internet foundation; online payment gateways are connected to today's existing banking networks to do online credit card processing. The payment gateway has servers that receive credit card processing transactions from various Web sites and convert (decrypt) the encrypted message format to a standard bank network message format for credit card processing. The payment gateway sends and receives credit card authorizations and settlement requests from commerce enabled Web sites.

What is a shopping cart? Shopping carts allow consumers to shop electronically, usually with an online catalog or text based list of choices. Selected items are gathered into a shopping cart (a temporary database) where the pricing is calculated. The shopping cart then connects to an online payment gateway and passes the credit card processing information securely to the gateway for authorization.

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