Cell Phone Merchant Account

Cell Phone Rates and Fees
Our Rates
Swiper & Setup* Free
Discount Rate* 1.59%
Transaction Fee .30¢ Each
Monthly Account Fee $10
Monthly Customer Service $10
Credit Restrictions Many Approved!

*There is a monthly minimum of $25 total discount rate charged. It’s only charged if you don’t meet the monthly minimum required. The monthly minimum is the discount rate or $25, whichever is greater each month. For example, you sell $1500 in a month. $1500 x 1.59% = $23.85. The credit card processing company will charge you $1.15 to meet the monthly minimum. Call (888) 760-1700 to get setup. This pricing is for Cell Phone Merchant Accounts only.

Cell Phone Merchant Account (Card Swiped)

Now you can process credit cards anywhere you can get a wireless internet connection on your cell phone. Cell phone credit card processing is easy and inexpensive. There is no need to purchase or lease an expensive wireless terminal. Instead you get a swiper that plugs directly into your smart phone and turns it into a credit card processing terminal.

Use your cell phone to process credit cards anywhere you get cell phone reception, including:

  • Taxi and limousine services
  • Mobile services including dog washing, auto detailing and home inspection
  • Food trucks and coffee stands
  • Pizza and food delivery
  • Flea markets and craft shows
  • Outdoor sporting events

Advantages of using your cell phone to process credit card transactions:

  • Process any major credit card anywhere you can get cell phone reception
  • Get authorization in seconds - no need to write down payment information or call your office for approval
  • Email the customer a receipt directly from your phone
  • Credit card information is not stored on your phone - everything is transmitted directly to the credit card processor - just as if you were using a wireless terminal
  • Swiper attaches to your phone easily and is small enough to store in your pocket or purse
  • Secure login and PCI compliant
  • Add as many employees as you need to a single account by just supplying them with a user ID and a supported device.

The cell phone processor also comes with a virtual terminal so you can process transactions on your ipad or laptop as well as on your cell phone.

* All equipment offers are being made by Instamerchant, LLC. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

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