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First DataTMFD130. EMV capable Terminal


  • No Setup Fee
  • $299 Terminal and Printer**
  • $1.59% Discount Rate*
  • $0.30 Per Transaction
  • $10.00 Monthly
  • Customer Service Fee
  • Terminal with printer
  • EMV capable
  • Contactless payments
  • No waiting for transactions to process - extremely fast with internet connection
  • 12 month warranty
  • Lowers PCI compliance costs
  • Internal Pinpad


The The First DataTMFD130 is our newest credit card terminal.  The First DataTMFD130 terminal supports contacless payments!  This moves customers through the payment process faster and increases customer satisfaction. 

The First DataTMFD130 has an EMV capable terminal and printer. EMV cards have a chip that allows for more robust fraud capabilities.  The The First DataTMFD130 terminal reads the card and this in turn reduces fraud and costs of PCI compliance.  The The First DataTMFD130 machine can process both over the internet and over a phone line.  All merchants will need an EMV enabled machine by October of 2015.  Call today for more information on this terminal.


New Terminal for Check and Credit Card Processing - First DataTMFD200 Terminal and Printer


  • Free App & Setup Fee
  • $499 Terminal**
  • 1.59% Discount Rate*
  • $0.25 Per Transaction
  • $5.00 Monthly Customer Service Fee
  • Terminal and printer that can handle all your processing needs
  • Connect to the internet for fast accurate processing
  • Checks are guaranteed eliminating bad check concerns
  • 12 month warranty
  • View demo
  • Get details
  • Telecheck general information
  • Telecheck ECA FAQ's
  • Telecheck ECA Warranty
Save money when you purchase the First DataTMFD 200 Terminal. Just one piece of equipment will handle all of your credit card and check acceptance needs.

Merchants who sign up for the Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) service are able to have their checks guaranteed if they follow all of the requirements at the point of sale. So once you get an approval, you never have to worry because your check is guaranteed!

In addition, you can save time and money by converting your checks to an electronic transaction. This saves having to go to the bank every day to make check deposits. When the check has been approved and converted to an electronic transaction it is deposited into your checking account within two business days.

The First DataTMFD200 comes with TransArmor. This service tokenizes your customers credit card numbers to make them unusable to hackers if they happen to get the tokens. TransArmor can reduce PCI compliance costs and time by 50% to 80%.

The pricing on the graphic to the right is for Check Guarantee only. Please see the retail merchant account graphic above for pricing on discount rate, transaction fees, monthly minimum, and monthly customer service fees that apply to credit card processing.

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New Terminal for Wireless Credit Card Processing - FD 410 GPRS Terminal Printer


  • No Setup Fee
  • $499 New Terminal**
  • 1.59% Discount Rate*
  • $0.40 Per Transaction
  • $10.00 Monthly Customer Service Fee
  • $19.95 Monthly Wireless Access Fee
  • Wireless terminal with printer - you and customer get a signed receipt
  • Small and lightweight - easy to carry
  • 12 month warranty
  • EMV compatible
  • View demo
  • Get details
  • Credit, Debit, Checks, Gift Cards, EBT
Need to take your terminal to your customers? The FD 410 GPRS is the state of the art terminal for merchants that need a hand held mobile credit card machine solution which allows you to process credit card transactions wherever you have a wireless connection.

The FD 410 GPRSis capable of running both wireless transactions and has a dial up modem for running transaction on a land line when needed. In addition, the machine has a built in printer enabling merchants to immediately print out a receipt for signature by their customers in real-time.

The FD 410 GPRS runs credit card processing transactions and can run debit transactions. It has a built in pin-pad for those customers who chose to sign up for debit service.  In addition it can run gift cards, paper checks, and EBT for those who select that service.

This terminal is a great solution to help merchants lower their credit card processing costs by being able to have their customers swipe their card through the machine and get a signature.This also helps merchants protect against costly chargebacks due to the card being present and obtaining a signature.

The FD-410 is great for service businesses, farmer's markets, taxicabs, limousines, pizza parlors, restaurants that deliver, towing companies, special events firms or outdoor entertainment providers (stadiums, golf courses, tennis clubs, etc), or any business that needs to process credit cards wirelessly .

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Cell Phone Credit Card Swipe Equipment


  • Free Swiper
  • 1.59% Discount Rate*
  • $0.30 Per Transaction
  • $10 Monthly Customer Service Fee
  • $10 monthly account fee
  • Process credit card transactions using your cell phone anywhere in the world
  • Small, convenient swiper plugs into your cell phone's headphone jack
  • Support for most smart phones (call for details)
Convert your cell phone into a secure point of sale terminal. You can now quickly and securely process credit card transactions on your mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

The swipe equipment is easy to use, you just plug it into your cell phone's headphone jack and you're ready to accept credit cards.

The swiper and mobile application are encrypted to ensure the safety and security of all transactions. Sensitive data is never stored on your phone.

By swiping your customer's credit cards, you are eligible for lower transaction costs and fees.

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Internet Merchant Account


  • No Setup Fee
  • 1.99% Discount Rate*
  • $0.25 Per Transaction
  • $9.95 Monthly Customer Service Fee
  • $9.95 Monthly Gateway Fee
  • No terminal necessary - use your computer to process credit card transactions
  • Integrate with your shopping cart or add some simple script to your site to accept credit cards 24/7 on your website
  • Process transactions over the internet anywhere you have your laptop or access to a computer with the virtual terminal

First Data Global Secure Payment Gateway and Internet merchant account provides the following:

Set up your website to accept ecommerce transactions - Add some simple html scripts to your site and you will be able to accept credit cards around the clock from your website.

Virtual Terminal - Anywhere you have internet access you will be able to log into a secure site and run manual transactions through our virtual terminal. Internet commerce and Mail and Telephone order merchants can all take .

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There is a two year minimum term for all retail accounts. There is a three year minimum term for all retail accounts that elect our free equipment program.

* Monthly minimum of $25.

** All equipment offers are being made by Instamerchant, LLC. Restrictions apply. Please call for details.

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