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Since 1994, The First Data Global Gateway® has been providing internet gateway services to credit card processing companies and merchant account providers like InstaMerchant. With nearly two decades of experience they know exactly what merchants are looking for when designing their products.

Accept credit cards securely from your website with First Data Global Gateway

If you are looking to accept credit cards online then the First Data Global Gateway has what you are looking for. The First Data Global Gateway is one of the top gateways on the internet.

It allows merchants who have an Internet merchant account to accept credit cards securely from their website. It also provides a virtual terminal that is accessed through the First Data Global Gateway that allows merchants to run transactions manually without having to purchase any processing equipment.

Merchants can set their websites up to accept credit cards either through adding some simple html scripts to their site or with the First Data Global Gateway API.

Recurring billing is a standard

The First Data Global Gateway has a bonus that most other online gateways charge for. The gateway provides a recurring billing feature as part of its core product. So whether you choose the First Data Global Gateway connect or the First Data Global Gateway API you won't be paying one dime more to get the recurring billing feature.

Compatible with most shopping carts

Because the First Data Global Gateway is such a popular product it is compatible with most online shopping carts.

Before purchasing it would be wise to check with your shopping cart vendor to see if they are compatible with the First Data Global Gateway or the LinkPoint Payment gateway. They are the same gateway but a few years ago the LinkPoint Payment Gateway was renamed the First Data Global Gateway.

Supports all major credit cards

The First Data Global Gateway supports all major credit card types. When you are approved you are setup to accept Visa®, Mastercard®, and Discover®. Accepting American Express is optional.

The virtual terminal that comes with The First Data Global Gateway allows transactions to be run manually anywhere there is internet access. In addition, it is customizable to allow employees access to only the features you want.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

We offer 24/7 customer support for the First Data Global Gateway. So no matter when you need help we are there to assist.

Low cost - fully featured terminals available for point of service processing

A popular product for retail businesses is the First Data FD-55. This credit card machine is both a terminal and printer. It is extremely user friendly and guides you through the entire transaction with ease it's the product of choice for many types of merchant accounts.

The FD55 is a great credit card machine for merchants who want a low cost terminal... Although most mail and phone order merchants choose an Internet merchant account because there is no equipment to buy, some choose to run their transactions through an FD55.

This terminal is also ideal for quick serve restaurants that dont have large average transactions sizes. Because the transactions are generally small they dont need to worry about getting a signature to help prevent chargebacks. It is more advantageous to them to move their customers through as quickly as possible and not tie up valuable time getting a signature from their customers.

Industry leading Merchant Account provider for nearly two decades

In todays multi-faceted marketplace First Data has a product for your credit card processing needs. They have been a leader in the industry for nearly two decades and are always taking steps to remain in that position.

To learn more about First Data and other merchant account products and services for both online and offline businesses, please call 888-760-1700 .

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