Mastercard and Visa Merchant Account

Whether you own a conventional brick-and-mortar storefront or an online company, having a Visa® or MasterCard® merchant account is an essential component of your small business success.

Simply put, if you are going to compete in today's economy you have to accept credit cards.

Why Your Business Needs a Visa and MasterCard Merchant Account

Without either a MasterCard or Visa account, you are missing out on large basket of potential sales.

The majority of small businesses rely on credit card processing to accept and manage consumer payment, and yours should be one of them. In a day and age where cash and checks are becoming a thing of the past, the ability to accept credit cards and checks at your place of business is a necessity, not a luxury.

Pick the processing method that best meets your company's needs

Whether you choose a traditional terminal-style processor or an innovative wireless credit card machine, your transactions will be processed efficiently and the funds can be delivered in as little as 48-hours (depending on the merchant account provider and equipment you're working with).

Opt for a merchant account that includes a discounted Visa transaction rate, no set-up fees, a reduced monthly customer service fee, and a deeply discounted terminal and printer.

For those interested in an Internet merchant account , you can get approved in just minutes. With a business check, a Federal Tax ID or social security number, you can be on your way to online credit card processing in a couple of business days..

Accepting credit cards will increase the credibility of your business

If you accept credit cards you add instant credibility to your business. This is especially true in an online business environment.

Many online shoppers want to pay with a credit card. This is such an overwhelming majority of shoppers it literally could make or break your online business.

All you have to do to overcome this obstacle is apply for merchant account services ... to learn more read our FAQ and how to avoid credit card fraud .

Once you are setup, you can proudly display the various credit card logos that you accept on your website. After that, when customers visit your site they will instantly know that you are credible and you provide a way for them to pay in the manner that they would like.

Open a MasterCard or Visa merchant account today and start earning more money from your business. call 888-760-1700 or click on the image below to apply online right now.

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