"I really appreciate all the attention to detail."

Thank you for all your help! What I thought would be a very tedious and unpleasant experience has really been a great pleasure with your company. I really appreciate all the attention to detail!

Ken Linamen

"...I don't think I've ever gotten such friendly service!"

Thanks so much for checking up on me & giving me the list of contact numbers. I'm going to have to say.. this transition to your company has been a WONDERFUL experience. I called the customer support department two nights ago & the man that I spoke to was just wonderful. Between you & him, I don't think I've ever gotten such friendly service!

Heather Lax
Nala Grace's Boutique

"...I'm glad I chose Ignite Payments because it has been the perfect fit for my business."

My merchant account with Ignite Payments has worked flawlessly. It was easy to set-up, and continues to be reliable and easy to use. Even with PayPal as an option on my website, the majority of my customers choose to process a secure payment using my Ignite Payments merchant account. With so many merchant account offers coming through the mail I am glad I chose Ignite Payments because it has been the perfect fit for my business.

Emily Martineau
Charmed Life Clothing

"...approved my application when others would not..."

You have been great. They approved my application when others would not and they have been extremely easy to work with.


"The service is cost-effective and the peace of mind is priceless."

The folks at Ignite Payments understood my particular needs and helped me transition to a low-cost, reliable merchant account and Internet gateway that serves my business very well. The Ignite Payments system is the last thing I have to worry or even think about in running my business. The service is cost-effective and the peace of mind is priceless.

Louis A Montgomery
Benfotiamine.Net, Inc.

"...trying to find a merchant account was confusing and overwhelming ..."

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire staff at Instamerchant. Being a new business owner and trying to find a merchant account was confusing and overwhelming to say the least. You and your staff treated me so kindly and with such patience that it made my experience easy and wonderful!!!! I just did my first transactions this past weekend on the Virtual Gateway and both my customers and I were impressed with the ease of processing and receipt availability, not to mention the follow up email receipt.

Again, thank you very much and I will definitely refer all my business associates to Instamerchant to handle their merchant services!!!

Virginia Scarbrough
Individual Passion Consultant

"...my sales representative consistently put my needs first..."

When I met with my sales representative I had a preconceived idea as to what credit card processing equipment and services I needed in order to accept credit cards at my body shop. After meeting with my sales representative he showed me how to save a lot of money on my credit card machine and helped me get the right credit card processing services that my shop needs. I am a repeat customer because of the way my sales representative has consistently put my needs first. When I opened an additional business and needed another merchant account I didn't think of calling anyone else.

Jeff Robinson, Kale's Collision

"...check guarantee has helped make my business far more profitable. "

In getting my store ready for our grand opening I completely forgot to get setup to accept credit cards. If I wasn't able to accept credit cards on my opening day it literally would have cost me thousands of dollars in sales. Fortunately my sales representative was able to help me establish a merchant account. He knew the pressure I was under and was able to get me setup to process credit cards in only a few days after I submitted my merchant account application. I am glad I chose them to be my credit card processor.

My sales representative told me that in my retail business I should consider getting setup with check guarantee services through Telecheck?®. Because I was a new business owner I really wanted to keep my expenses down and try to save some money. He told me that by using the Telecheck service I would actually end up making more money for my business. He was right. At first I didn't get setup with the check guarantee service and within the first week of my business I accepted my first bad check. Had I used Telecheck and had a guarantee on my customer's check it would have easily paid for the service costs that I thought I was being smart to avoid. Check guarantee has helped make my business far more profitable.

Mike Moore, Merchant Square

" my sales representative saves me money every month.."

My sales representative saves me money every month. At first I was very reluctant to accept credit cards for my business. Once I understood that it would be profitable for my business to accept credit cards I decided to purchase a credit card machine. When I spoke with my representative I wanted to buy a credit card machine that stayed at my office.

When my customers wanted to process credit cards with me I wanted to take their credit card information and enter it into my credit card machine at my office. My sales representative helped me to understand that by accepting credit cards in another way I would be charged a lower discount rate when I do my credit card processing. I had no idea that when the credit card is present to swipe through the credit card machine that Visa®and MasterCard®charge a lower credit card processing rate.

After my sales representative helped educate me I was able to make a decision that helped my business save money every month. I ended up buying a wireless credit card machine. Now I am able to literally take my business to my customers and get the lowest discount rate because my customers are swiping their cards through my credit card machine.

Eric Schneider,
Schneider Pest Control

"No one even came close to the pricing you gave me ...."

When I needed to accept credit cards over the internet I searched for days to find the lowest cost, most reputable internet merchant account I could find. No one even came close to the pricing that you gave me and I have found that despite the low pricing you offered me I still receive first rate service every time I need help.

When I made the decision to get an online merchant account I didn't really know anything about the credit card processing industry. You were very patient in explaining everything that needed to be done to establish an online merchant account that would allow me to accept credit cards on my website. You told me that there are some businesses that setup both internet merchant accounts and online payment gateways rather than just one or the other. I ended up choosing you because you offer both. This way I knew that if I ever had a problem I only had to call one company to get the problem resolved.

Garrett Hancock, Hancock Management

"... I literally spent months researching ...which company was going to get my business."

My business had been accepting credit cards with another credit card processor for many years. However, it was an easy decision for me to switch credit card processing companies. When I make a decision on which credit card processing company is going to handle my money I take it very seriously. I literally spent months researching and deciding upon which company was going to get my business. Your representative was happy to answer any and all questions that I had concerning setting up a merchant account.

He showed me that if invested a little money in my company by purchasing new credit card machines I would actually more than pay for the credit card machines in the money that I saved. Not only did I pay for the machines but I have been able to make more money at my business by getting lower credit card processing rates than I was getting by using outdated credit card machines. If I know anyone that is looking to accept credit cards for their business I will gladly refer them to your company.

Mark Reeb, ViewPoint

"I didn't know where to start in getting an online merchant account...."

Online credit card processing was a scary proposition for me. I didn't know where to start in getting an online merchant account and on top of that it seemed that a lot of the terminology used in the merchant account industry was like a foreign language. Fortunately I called your company. You took me through every step of the process. You were patient and if there was anything I didn't understand you gladly explained it to me.

I needed both a virtual terminal and an online payment gateway. I wasn't sure whether I should get the e4 Global Gateway or the Authorize.net?® payment gateway. You showed me the features of both gateways and helped me come to the best decision for me. Now my business is making money I never would have had I not got setup to accept credit cards online.

Installing the software on my website was a very simple process for me. Anytime I have had any questions about the software we were installing or the online merchant account I just called customer service. They were always very helpful and happy to answer any questions that I had. I can't believe that you can get this kind of credit card service along with such low prices. One of the best decisions I made in getting an online merchant account is to choose your company. "

Chad Shimeck, Up-N-Swingin'

"...we needed a company that was large enough to handle the growth of our business..."

Our business relies heavily on the credit card software that allows our customers to accept credit cards online. In choosing a credit card processing company we needed a company that was large enough to handle the growth of our business. Our research told us that you had been setting up businesses to accept credit cards with a merchant account for over a decade. We also found out that you are one of the largest credit card processing companies in the industry. Knowing that you had been in business for a long time and that you were a large credit card processing company helped make me feel comfortable in turning my business over to you.

You have taken care of us from the very beginning. Anytime I have a question or need help with anything you are happy to help. As my business grew I ended up adding a retail point of sale location for my customers. You showed me all of my options for a retail merchant account and helped me choose the right credit card machine for my business.

Steve Jarvis, Elite PC

"...I had a unique situation that I wasn't sure you could resolve..."

When I called you to start accepting credit cards I told you that I had a unique situation that I wasn't sure you could resolve. I have a dental practice that I share with another dentist. I asked my sales representative if he had a credit card machine that was capable of credit card processing for multiple merchant accounts. I wanted to be able to process credit cards for my patients on my merchant account and have the money deposited into my bank account. At the same time I wanted the other dentist in my office to process credit cards for his patients on a separate merchant account and have his money deposited into his bank account. This way we could keep our money separate.

My sales representative told me that you had a great credit card machine that could process credit cards for multiple merchant accounts. He showed me the e4 Global Gateway and told me how it was capable of multiple merchant accounts on the same credit card terminal. This saved both me and the dentist I share an office with a great deal of money because we only had to purchase one credit card machine. We then both got set up with a merchant account and kept our money separate. This not only saved us money on the purchase of the credit card machine but saves us money each month in our bookkeeping expenses.

" Dr. Karl Baker, Karl Baker DDS

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