Virtual Terminal

Without a virtual terminal, your company is unable to take advantage of today's online retail growth. A 2005 report by eMarketer stated that e-tail businesses (electronic retail) are on track to earn $84.5-billion this year! This is an increase of 22 percent compared to 2004 statistics. If you aren't selling your products and services online today, hopefully by tomorrow you will be. The easiest way to do this is with an Internet merchant account... to learn more read our FAQ.

Migrating your business to the Web isn't all that complex. Designing a site and posting pictures of your products can easily be done with the help of a Web design specialist. But how will you manage credit card processing? Your livelihood depends on reliable, secure credit card processing technology... enter shopping carts and virtual terminals.

Online shopping carts will help your customers easily navigate and purchase items through your website, but they won't deposit money into your checking account. This is why you need a virtual terminal. Just like the tangible credit card machines you have in your store, the virtual terminal processes transactions in a similar nature using information provided by the consumer.

Choosing a Virtual Terminal Provider
When evaluating virtual terminal technology, there are a few important benefits to look for. Your merchant account company should be able to process payments 24-hours a day. Security is of the utmost importance. Your merchant account provider should be transmitting customer data via an SSL-encrypted connection. Fraud protection and prevention programs are important to safeguard both you and your customers. Finally, choose a vendor whose integration capabilities work with any e-commerce website. A smooth implementation will allow you to accept credit cards soon after you obtain your merchant account.

How it Works
Once your Internet merchant account is approved you will receive a welcome email. You will also receive a welcome letter via regular mail. The welcome email will have all the information you need about your account. You will be given a username and temporary password to log into our secure server. Once you log-in the first time you will be asked to change the password to a word of your choosing. Any time you have a customer wanting to pay with their credit card all you have to do is log-in, enter their credit card information, and run the transaction in real-time. In addition, you will be able to email your customer a receipt of the transaction and print one out for them to sign if they happen to be with you.

Get a virtual terminal today and start earning more profits... call 888-760-1700 for more information.

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