Wireless Merchant Accounts

Wireless Pricing InformationOur Rates
Visa® & MasterCard® Discount Rate*1.59%
Transaction Fee.40¢ Each
Monthly Wireless Access Fee$19.99
Credit Card Machine - Terminal & Printer$499
Monthly Customer Service Fee$10
Credit RestrictionsMany Approved!

*There is a monthly minimum of $25 total discount rate charged. It’s only charged if you don’t meet the monthly minimum required. The monthly minimum is the discount rate or $25, whichever is greater each month. For example, you sell $1500 in a month. $1500 x 1.59% = $23.85. The credit card processing company will charge you $1.15 to meet the monthly minimum. Call (888) 760-1700 to get setup. This pricing is for Wireless Merchant Accounts only.

Wireless Merchant Account

The wireless credit card machine and merchant account is designed for merchants who are mobile and need to take their business to their customers. Taxicab companies, Limousine services, and virtually any kind of service businesses that go to their customer's location can benefit from using a mobile credit card machine.

The LinkPoint® 9100 GPRS and Verifone 8020 GPRS® wireless credit card machines allow merchants to take their mobile credit card terminal to their customer's location for credit card processing. The customer's credit card is swiped through the mobile credit card processing equipment and the credit card transaction is run in real time. Once the merchant receives the authorization a receipt is printed out for the customer to sign. Being able to take a wireless credit card machine to the customer allows merchants to qualify for a lower discount rate than they otherwise would because the credit card is present and swiped through the wireless credit card machine for approval. When the card is not swiped through a machine there is a much greater risk for fraud to occur and this causes higher rates.

Both the LinkPoint 9100 GPRS and the Verifone 8020 GPRS have a built in PinPad so a merchant who chooses debit card services can accept debit cards from their customers. This helps save businesses money as the processing costs associated with debit cards is usually much cheaper than those associated with accepting credit cards.

One of the great features of the wireless credit card machines is that they help businesses prevent chargebacks. Because the transaction has taken place where the customer swiped the card and actually signed the receipt there is much less of a chance that they will try to chargeback the transaction. In addition, if the merchant does try to chargeback the transaction the merchant has a much better chance of beating the chargeback due to the signed receipt.

For merchants that need the mobility to take their business directly to their customers, the LinkPoint 9100 GPRS or the Verifone 8020 GPRS is definitely the way to go.

There is a two year minimum term for all retail accounts. There is a three year minimum term for all retail accounts that elect our free equipment program.

* All equipment offers are being made by Instamerchant, LLC. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

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