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TeleCheck® Pricing Information Our Rates
TeleCheck® Discount Rate* 1.59%
Transaction Fee .25¢ Each
Monthly Customer Service Fee $5.00

*The discount rate varies depending upon the type of business you are in. Please call (888) 760-1700 to find out what the discount rate is for your business type. In addition, *There is a monthly minimum of $25 total discount rate charged. It is only charged if you do not meet the monthly minimum required. Example, you sell $1,400 in a month. $1,400 x 1.59% = $22.26. TeleCheck® will charge $2.74 to meet the monthly minimum. Call (888) 760-1700 to get setup. This pricing is for Check Guarantee only.

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TeleCheck® Check Guarantee

Having TeleCheck® Check Guarantee means you never have to worry about bad check writers again. TeleCheck® guarantees the full amount of any check it approves, as long as all of TeleCheck®'s easy requirements have been followed at the point of sale.

Businesses that use the TeleCheck® Check Guarantee checkprocessing service can accept low numbered, out of town, and even out of state checks with confidence that they will be paid for the amount of any check that TeleCheck® has approved.

TeleCheck® reduces your company's risk when they accept checks, while providing an easy, hassle free payment option.

With the TeleCheck® Check Guarantee service you can increase your business's profitability. Companies who use the TeleCheck® service don't have to waste any time or money chasing bad check writers.

What is TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA®):

TeleCheck®'s Electronic Check Acceptance is also known as ECA® . This service converts a paper check into an electronic transaction at the time of sale. This service usually deposits funds directly into your bank account within two banking days.

The process to accept checks is as quick, safe, and easy as accepting credit cards. It is actually designed to be similar to the process of accepting credit cards by depositing your money into your bank account automatically. With ECA® you will save both time and money by not having to make daily trips to the bank to make check deposits.

How Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA®) Works

When a customer pays you by check, you authorize it through your credit card machine. You then give your customer a printed receipt for their signature and hand them their check back after it has been voided.

The signature allows TeleCheck to electronically present the transaction to the check writer's bank for settlement and that money is automatically deposited into your bank account within two business days. You don't have to worry about a bounced check or returned check fees because all of that is now TeleCheck's responsibility.

Advantages of using TeleCheck® Check Guarantee and Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA®) Solutions

  • Accept out of state and out of town checks with confidence
  • Monthly itemized statements, with fees debited via automated clearing house (ACH) from the merchant's direct deposit account (DDA)
  • Only one terminal is necessary for credit card processing transactions and debit card processing transactions and Check Guarantee authorization
  • Improves cash flow
  • Eliminates or reduces returned checks and fees
  • Electronic closing reduces the time spent on preparing and reconciling deposits
  • Reduces trips to the bank for check deposits
  • Eliminates bank charges associated with accepting checks
  • Provides and advanced terminal solution, which improves checkout time
  • ECA® service includes Check Guarantee
  • The merchant never experiences or sees the returned item

Customers experience greater confidence and safety

  • Reduces the risk of personal information being obtained and used fraudulently
  • Provides consumers with a complete record of a transaction on their bank statements
  • Promotes greater acceptance of payment by check

Who Is TeleCheck®?

(Source: TeleCheck®'s website) TeleCheck® is the world's leading provider of payer and electronic check acceptance services. TeleCheck® has more than 342,000 merchant account locations, processed $171 billion in checks in 2001.

TeleCheck® has created the largest positive and negative databases which are online and continuously updated to provide the most accurate check writer information available from financial institutions and merchant account locations throughout the world. This allows TeleCheck® to have the highest check acceptance approval rate in the industry.

TeleCheck® Audio Response Unit (ARU)

ARU is included in the Check Guarantee service. Merchants call a telephone number, enter the requested information per the prompts and receive a real-time response without the merchant having to speak with an operator. If the merchant has Check Guarantee, the merchant will receive an authorization number or decline.

FD-200 Credit Card Machine

The FD-200 credit card machine transforms a multi payment option nightmare into a merchant's dream. The FD-200 credit card terminal eliminates the need for different terminals to authorize and process credit card transactions, check transactions, and debit card transactions.

FD-200 Credit Card Machine Benefits

  • Supports ECA® , Check Guarantee, credit card processing, and atm/debit card processing (with a pinpad)
  • Voids ECA® checks and endorses paper checks
  • Has a built in check reader
  • Uses a 14.4 modem, which provides fast connection for authorization and downloads
  • Provides full imaging that uses plain paper
  • Has a touch screen with user friendly prompts
  • Has full reporting capabilities on all payment types including totals and details
  • Stores up to 500 check and 300 credit card transactions
  • Credit card machine has an integrated terminal and printer
  • Has 3 serial ports
  • 12 month warranty

There is a two year minimum term for all retail accounts. There is a three year minimum term for all retail accounts that elect our free equipment program.

* All equipment offers are being made by Instamerchant, LLC. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

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