Mobile Merchant Accounts

A mobile POS system you can take to your customers

Clover Mobile – $549

1.59% & $.40 per authorization + $39.95 a month*


  • Wireless POS system
  • Next day funding
  • Clover Security

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • EMV capable
  • Dedicated account rep


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Clover Mobile POS

With Clover Mobile you can take a powerful POS system anywhere.  Why be tethered down to one spot?  Take your business to your customers.

All Kinds

Pay at the table restaurants, Taxicab companies, plumbers, food trucks, pool service, and virtually any kind of service businesses that go to their customer’s location can benefit from using Clover Mobile POS.  Basically any type of business that needs to be able to accept payments outside the store or office could benefit from it.


You will have access to hundreds of apps that will help you grow revenue and manage your business.  Are you tired of doing sales tax or paying someone to do it?  We have an app for that.  Are you tired of synching your sales with Quickbooks?  We have an app for that.  Do you want to drip market to your customers through email or text?  We have an app for that.  Do you want to offer gift or loyalty cards?  You guessed it…we have an app for that.  The Clover app market is growing every day.


Accept all major credit cards
Connect via wifi or 3G (requires data plan)
Apple Pay & Android Pay
Clover Security
Front facing camera
Charge lasts all day
Checks (optional, call for details)
Barcode Scanner
7” Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen

Equipment Details

PaymentsEMV chip card reader
EMV-compliant NFC reader 3-Track Magstripe
DisplayAntimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass
7inch screen 1280px x 800px Liquid silicone rubber for improved impact (drop) performance
Power SourceBuilt-in 18.7-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges fully in less than 4.5 hours via Clover USB wall charger or with Clover Mobile Dock
Dimensions H: 5.3 ft
W: 7.9 ft D: 3.6 ft Weight 1.2 lbs