Ecommerce & Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet Merchant Account Pricing Information Our Rates
Visa® & MasterCard® Discount Rate* 1.99%
Transaction Fee .25¢ Each
Monthly First Data Global GatewayTM  $9.95
Monthly Customer Service Fee $9.95
Credit Restrictions Many Approved!

*The fee schedule listed above is not meant to be all inclusive. Other fees may apply. The full fee schedule is included in the merchant application and agreement and can be reviewed prior to submitting the application and agreement. Call (888) 760-1700 to get setup. This pricing is for eCommerce & Internet Merchant Accounts only.

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How To Sign-Up For An Internet Merchant Account

  • Click 'Apply Online' to apply for Internet Merchant Account and First Data Global Payment Gateway
  • Your information is protected by VeriSign® data encryption security
  • Have a business check (so we know where to deposit your money)
  • Have your Federal Tax ID Number, Sole proprietors may use their Social Security Number
  • Get internet merchant acount application approval notification instantly!

What Do I Get With An Internet Merchant Account?

  • A browser based virtual terminal to process credit cards anywhere with internet access
  • HTML tags to put into your web page to accept credit cards directly from your website
  • First Data Global Secure Payment Gateway access to receive credit card processing approvals
  • A merchant account to accept credit cards on your website
  • 24/7 customer support for your online merchant account and online payment gateway

With our Internet merchant account, you receive both Global Gateway Connect and Global Gateway Central. For merchants who want Global Gateway API there is a $99 setup fee and all other pricing is the same as above. Merchants will be able to set their website up to accept credit cards with Global Gateway Connect. By using a web browser merchants are also able to accept credit cards through a virtual terminal with First Data Global Central.

Global Gateway Connect

Global Gateway Connect allows merchants to integrate HTML code into their websites to accept payments 24 hours a day. When a merchant's customer makes a purchase from the website, an email is sent to both the merchant and customer with the details of the transaction. This is an inexpensive way for merchants to add 24/7 real time online payment functionality to their web site.

A great benefit of Global Gateway Connect is being able to do recurring or periodic billing. This allows merchants to run transactions on a recurring basis without any manual input once a transaction is originally entered.

With Global Gateway Connect there is no secure server necessary because the credit card information is captured on the First Data Global Secure Payment Gateway server. How much information is collected and what fields you need to include on your form depends on the mode you select.

The PayOnly mode directs First Data Global to collect only the minimal data needed to process a credit card transaction from a consumer. Global Gateway Connect reports show basic credit card processing transaction data only (i.e. dollar amount, time, date) but nothing about the order. Typically, you assume the task of gathering other parts of the order information outside of Global Gateway Connect to know where to ship the order.

In PayPlus mode, you collect most of the information from the customer and post the data via an HTML form to First Data Global. First Data Global again collects minimum data, but your reports will reflect all the information you post to First Data Global. The advantage of PayPlus mode is it gives you the flexibility to collect the right mix of customer information that you need.

The FullPay mode directs the customer to enter all of the order data directly on the First Data Global Secure Payment Gateway form. Even though you can achieve the same result in PayPlus as with FullPay, the latter is a separate mode because it makes it easier for you to implement. By having FullPay collect the additional data, the Global Gateway Connect reporting becomes even more useful and informative. Best of all, by selecting FullPay, Global Gateway Connect does all the work. FullPay is by far the easiest way to use Global Gateway Connect.

If you have a catalog of products, you might want to consider using a shopping cart. There are many shopping carts that are already integrated into our system, so the work you need to do to get set up for transaction processing is in many ways already all done for you. If you are using a shopping cart, the set up process is different from what is described above with the three different payment modes, but most shopping carts are compatible with Global Gateway Connect.

How Easy Is It To Set Up your Online Store Using Global Gateway Connect?

To get your web site set up to accept and process credit cards on the Internet, all you or your web designer needs to know is very simple HTML.

Features of Global Gateway Connect

  • Standard fraud protection and prevention mechanisms
  • Online integrated business reports via First Data Global Central
  • Customizable merchant and consumer email receipt
  • Ability to add watermarks and logos to the order page
  • Automatically returns to a designated "Thank You" or "Sorry" page
  • Real time credit card processing transactions and authorizations
  • No credit card machine or hardware to purchase
  • Integration capability with any ecommerce web site
  • Can integrate with legacy systems (IVR, order fulfillment systems, enterprise systems, etc.)

Internet Fraud Protection & Prevention Features

  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2)
  • Automatic lockouts when fraud checks detect a hacking attempt
  • Configure specific tests to 'verify user' before a credit card processing transaction is approved
  • Merchants can automatically lock out specific credit card numbers, Internet protocol (IP) addresses (Class "C") and names
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol designed to enable encrypted, authenticated communications across the Internet

First Data Global Central

First Data Global Central provides a virtual payment terminal equipped with Global Gateway Connect allowing merchants to accept credit cards via a web browser. It can be used to replace traditional credit card software like IC Verify, PC Tellan (MAC or PC Authorize),, or Personal Ticket Capture (PTC)

With First Data Global Central there is no costly credit card equipment to purchase or complex credit card software to install. Merchants receive automatic upgrades and configurable POS pages. First Data Global Central has a product catalogue to make credit card processing quick and easy. In addition, merchants are able to charge recurring payments.

Global Gateway Central conducts credit card processing transactions such as sales, returns, partial returns, authorizations only, periodic/recurring billing, ticket only, forced tickets, void, and purchasing card transactions.

Global Gateway Central Features

  • Internet based POS terminal
  • Online store administration and reporting tools
  • Reports management system
  • Stores 90 days of transaction data online
  • Report data downloads allow unlimited transaction history
  • Import data into spreadsheets or databases for offline business analysis and accounting
  • Partial return capability (total of all returns cannot exceed original sale amount)
  • Printable receipt for retail, plus optional e-mail receipt to the consumer
  • Global Gateway Central is provided to all Global Gateway Connect and Global Gateway® API merchants
  • Transactions can be processed anywhere a merchant has access to the Internet and a browser
  • Multiple transactions can be entered at the same time from multiple users
  • Customization of fraud settings and store controls
  • Supports CVV2/CVC2, retail, ecommerce and mail order/telephone order (MOTO)
  • Supports tax exempt transactions
  • Supports international addresses
  • Level II purchase card transactions, including tracking of purchase order numbers

Merchants Who Would Benefit from Global Gateway Central

Those looking for fast point-of-sale (POS) functionality. Those who have an existing POS business or are conducting traditional mail order or telephone order credit card processing transactions would benefit. Catalog based businesses, insurance agencies, ticket booths, athletic clubs, service oriented businesses, home based businesses, and retail stores with PC's would also benefit from Global Gateway Central.

Global Gateway® VirtualCheck

Merchants can accept checks online just like they accept credit cards online with Global Gateway VirtualCheck. Checks can be accepted in two ways; manually through a virtual terminal, or automatically from a website using simple HTML scripts.

VirtualCheck is not included in the pricing for an Internet Merchant Account and Global Gateway Secure Payment Gateway. Please contact us to add it to your Internet Merchant account. VirtualCheck allows merchants to process checks using the three Global Gateway Secure Payment Gateway products: Global Gateway Connect, Global Gateway Central, and Global Gateway API. With VirtualCheck merchants can offer their customers an additional payment option of electronic checks for online purchases.

VirtualCheck Features

  • Eliminates paper checks
  • Returned check information within 2 to 4 days
  • Online real time reporting that stores data for two months
  • Void capability prior to auto close
  • Check batches automatically close at 12:01 a.m. CST

VirtualCheck Guidelines

  • Personal, business, or savings accounts are accepted
  • Merchants are funded via Automated Clearing House (ACH) within 5 to 7 banking days
  • Minimum transaction amount accepted is $1
  • Credits and/or returns must be done outside of the Global Gateway VirtualCheck system
  • Merchants must have a virtual merchant account in addition to the Global Gateway VirtualCheck
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