Payment Gateways & Shopping Carts

The First Data Global Gateway® and the® online payment gateway are both compatible with most major shopping carts... these are two of the most popular payment gateways.

To compete in an online environment, merchants need a fast, secure transaction processor you can trust. Whether your website consist of a few pages or a vast product database, you can count on payment gateways like the First Data Global Gateway and to process your transactions quickly and securely.

First Data Global Gateway® Connect: Get all the speed, security and fraud protection you expect from First Data, with easy web integration. Anyone who understands basic HTML can integrate this robust, yet easy-to-use product into a website.

First Data Global Gateway API: Enjoy even more security, flexibility, and functionality with First Data's adaptable Application Programming Interface (API).

Choose Your Technology: No matter what Web technology merchants use, First Data has an e-commerce solution to meet your needs.

First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal: Virtual Terminal is the portal to all your First Data ecommerce solutions. It offers access to our full-featured reports, plus fraud protection and First Data Global Gateway Connect setup. Virtual Terminal comes with a fully customizable, easy-to-use virtual point of sale terminal that the merchant can replicate indefinitely.

Features of First Data Global Gateway eCommerce Solutions

You can count on First Data to process your merchants' transactions quickly and securely.

  • First Data's fast transaction times help make shopping cart abandonment a thing of the past.
  • Secure encryption technology ensures the safety of your merchants' transactions. First Data also supports card verification and validation-CVV2/CVC2-and address verification for added security.
  • Exceptional fraud prevention helps your merchants minimize chargebacks.
  • From the simplest solution to the most sophisticated, all First Data ecommerce solutions allow your merchants to keep customers on their own Web sites.
  • Robust reports come with all First Data ecommerce solutions, to help your merchants easily manage their orders.

Not a techie? No problem. Get your merchant account through FDIS and we'll help you integrate either of these payment gateways with the shopping cart of your choice.

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