Clover Insights

Use Our Unmatched Data To Grow Your Business

Clover Insights

Clover Insights is a powerful tool that transforms payment data into key insights about sales, customers, and your competitors.  See heat maps that show where your customers live for insights on where to market or where to open a new location.  Insights will track and learn your business and give you suggestions how to grow your business.

Know Your Business Inside and Out

  • Understand different customer types to optimize engagement for each
  • Set and track business goals
  • Personalized stories identify trends
  • Daily, weekly, monthly sales metrics
  • Tracking of events (Bookmark)
  • Weather by day

Manage Your Performance

  • Monitor metrics
  • Discover opportunities
  • Mitigate risks

Know Your Customers

  • Measure ROI of marketing programs across channels and segments
  • Track new & returning customers
  • Frequency of visits
  • Heat maps show where customers live and spend

Compare Your Business to Similar Businesses in Your Area

  • Track revenue
  • Average ticket size
  • Transactions compared to similar businesses in your area
  • Compare sales trends to your competitors

Track Social Media

  • Monitor social media presence and impact on revenue
  • Track customer comments on social media
  • See “top influencers” on social media
  • Increase marketing efforts to attract more customers
  • Continue a special offer that customers like