Clover Security

Cutting Edge Security So You Can Sleep Better

What is Clover Security?

Clover Security takes protecting cardholder data to the next level.  With Clover Security the transaction is encrypted at the instant the card is dipped or swiped.  Once the transaction is approved it is tokenized and returned so that even if a hacker got a hold of the token it would be useless.

Reduce Liability

By using this state of the art security solution it reduces liability.  At the time of this writing we offer a liability waiver for card association fines and expenses of up to $100,000 per location (up to 5 locations) in the event of a data breach.  This may not apply to all merchants and is subject to terms and conditions.  Please call for details.

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance becomes much easier and much less expensive when using the Clover Security solution.  It can save up to 50% in costs and up to 70% of your time when employing our security solution.  We provide customers service reps that can walk you through your PCI compliance.

Protect Your Business

Most people are not aware that the vast majority of data breaches occur with small merchants, not the national merchants that we hear about in the news.  Clover Security brings a big business solution to the small merchant marketplace.